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"I would like to provide some feedback to you because I was really impressed with the workshop and wanted to commend you on it.

Michael and I both found the workshop really useful and well-presented, especially in comparison to other birthing workshops we have done - (The Bump WA's was really useful but lacked structure and was not very comprehensive, and SJOG Murdoch's 4 week class was kind of hopeless to be honest!)

I always take copious notes at these kinds of things, and only took two pages today, which is an absolute miracle and testament to the excellent resources you prepared and allowed us to keep - the notes are clear and easy to understand and well-formatted. I was also really relieved that you take an evidence-based approach - I'm very much a science geek, so this is always important to me. The mix of activities (written and positioning practice) was also great and it's awesome that the suggested positions are in the notes in image form, i.e. easy to replicate. On a personal level, I found you very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable.

Overall, I feel heaps more prepared... (for the unknown, haha), and relaxed about the birthing process."

Julie and Michael

"My partner really enjoyed your workshop. It gave him a job to do! He said he really felt included in the birth plans and he felt very aware of his role. The information you have was invaluable to both parties as while trying for a 'natural' birth it's great to get an idea of how to do this while in a hospital environment. Your workshop is very different to the hospital workshop as yours was a more 'hands on approach' Very worthwhile!"
Kerstin and Karl

"We both enjoyed the workshop and found it to be helpful and informative. Pete feels especially empowered knowing the info about labour and what he can be doing throughout. He also found that the way the information on the different stages was presented in your workshop was very practical and easy to relate to."
Kia and Pete

"Thanks Hana! We really enjoyed it and Tim said he found it to be very good with giving him an idea of what to expect/do to help."
Jacqui and Tim

"Thank you for spending such wonderful time to show us these really useful information and experience. We are grateful!!"
Linda and John


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Birthing Workshops

Birth Better Together

birthing workshop

While you've been preparing for the birth of your baby...
Has your partner been preparing too?
Does he know what his role is in labour?
Is he unsure of what to do or how he can help?
Are you confident that he will be able to support you in labour?

It's difficult for men to know what role they play in the labour process and the birth of your baby. They know they are expected to be there to "support you" but what does that really mean?

A Barefoot Babes Birthing Workshop prepares you and your partner to actively work together, so that you get the support you need and you both get the most out of your birthing experience. Your partner will develop an understanding of the process of labour and how you experience it, they will learn how to support you throughout each stage, as well as how to assist you in making decisions if complications arise.

  • Run as a bi-monthly workshop
  • 3 hours
  • $90 per couple
  • Bookings essential

Next workshop dates are...

18 November, 2018.

When and Where

George Burnett Leisure Centre
Manning Road, Manning

A map of the location is available here.










2 - 5pm
Birthing Workshop


bi-monthly workshop

A map of the location is available here.

Why do the Barefoot Babes Birthing Workshop?

Most hospital Birthing Workshops focus on hospital policies, procedures and the physiological aspects of childbirth. Although it is useful to know this information, it doesn't prepare you for a birth in which you are in control, making informed choices and actively working with your partner to get the most out of your birthing experience.

Additionally, during pregnancy there is a tendency for the woman to be the one doing all the childbirth education, while partners feel, that as they are not the ones birthing, they have little need to prepare. This imbalance in knowledge can leave women feeling as though they are "doing it alone", unable to trust their partner to give them the support they need during birth.

Barefoot Babes Birthing Workshops address these issues by preparing you and your partner to take control of your babies birth. We do this by developing a good understanding of the key aspects of labour, how you can make informed decisions together and how to work as a team to be fully engaged in the birth of your baby.

You will both come away from the workshop with practical knowledge, ideas and strategies that you can put into place during labour. These will enable you to work together and enhance your experience of your babies birth.

Who can I bring as my partner?

In the context of this workshop, your partner is anyone that you are planning to have as your primary source of support during labour. This may be the babies father but could also be your mother, sister, friend etc. Whoever you have chosen to support you in labour, that is the person that you bring with you to the workshop.

Why is a birth partner important?

A well prepared birth partner is a real asset to any woman in labour, as they can have a significant effect on how a women experiences labour. They play a key role throughout the process in providing physical and emotional support to the labouring woman. They are also the link between the birthing mother and medical staff, helping her to make decisions that can impact significantly on the way she experiences and feels about the birth of her baby.

When is a good time to do a Birthing Workshop?

You can attend a Barefoot Babes Birthing Workshop at any stage during your pregnancy. The third trimester, however, is an ideal time, as you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and the concept of birthing feels more "real" and relevant.

Workshop Format

The Barefoot Babes Birthing Workshop runs for 3 hours, over which we cover the topics of; Stages of Labour, Pain Relief, Birthing Positions and Interventions in Labour. There is a strong focus on developing an understanding of how you and your partner play a role within each of these areas and how you can best work together.

Stages of Labour examines not only the way in which labour progresses but more importantly how you feel during each stage, what decisions you may need to make and how your partner can support you.

In Pain Relief we discuss our understanding of pain and the concept of "positive pain". We develop an understanding of both natural and medical forms of pain relief, how the birth partner can assist in natural pain relief and help the labouring women make decisions about medical pain relief.

With Birthing Positions we develop an understanding of the importance of the physical positing of a woman's body during labour and how the partner can physically support the women in a variety of positions.

Interventions looks at the number of ways in which labour can be managed and augmented. This includes inductions, the use of syntocin, epidurals, instrumental delivery and ceasareans. We examine the benefits, risks and alternatives to each and learn how to make decisions when interventions are suggested during labour.

Each topic discussed includes an element of group discussion, partnered discussion and practical activities with your partner. There is plenty of time to engage with your partner, share ideas and gain an understanding of how you both play a key part in the birth of your baby.

The workshop also includes a file of handouts (to reinforce your learning) as well as tea, coffee and snacks.

What to Bring

At the workshop you will be provided with; yoga mats, birth balls, pens, paper, a workbook, tea/coffee/juice/water and snacks.

You only need to bring your partner and please both wear comfortable clothing that allows to move freely.


The Birthing Workshop, is a one off workshop, that is 3 hours long and costs $90 per couple.

Workshop payments can be made via a direct bank transfer or bank deposit at time of booking.


Bookings are required for all Birthing Workshops. Please go to the Bookings page, select your preferred workshop date and fill in the rest of the booking information. Thank you.

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