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Prenatal Yoga - Casual Classes

prenatal yoga

The casual classes incorporate breathing, relaxation and active birthing techniques as well as yoga postures and sequences. In combination, these provide women with the ability to self-manage the discomforts of pregnancy and prepare themselves for an active birth.

- Weekly 60 minute classes
- $15 per class, pay-as-you-go
- Bookings not required

The casual classes are best suited to women that have previously completed a Barefoot Babes Prenatal Yoga Course or have previously completed childbirth education e.g. with their first baby. They are also suitable for women that cannot attend one of the Prenatal Yoga Courses.

Classes run weekly throughout the year, with the exception of long weekends and a break over the Christmas/New Year period.

When and Where

George Burnett Leisure Centre
Manning Road, Manning










9 - 10am

casual class


A map of the location is available here.

Why Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga provides not only exercise specifically tailored to pregnant women but it also incorporates breathing, relaxation and active birthing techniques, along with mindfulness practise. These combined, give a wholistic, mind, body and spirit approach to pregnancy and birthing.

The yoga postures help to stretch and strengthen through the body, create space for the baby, assist with optimal foetal positioning, alleviating aches and pains, and help to create openness through the hips and pelvis. The breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques prepare the mother mentally for birth. While active birthing techniques help with managing pain during labour, help baby move down the birth canal and create maximum openness in the pelvis for delivery.

Prenatal yoga is a valuable experience on any pregnancy journey.

When can I start?

Prenatal Yoga is suitable for all women, at any stage of pregnancy, with no prior yoga experience needed.

You can start doing Prenatal Yoga from the very beginning of your pregnancy, right up until you give birth.

If you are in your first trimester and experiencing morning sickness, you may prefer to wait until this has settled in the second trimester, before you begin classes.

Class Format

Each class begins with relaxation, incorporating breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises. From relaxation we flow through a series of yoga postures. Options are given for most postures, enabling you to tailor them to suit your needs and changing body. To finish, we focus again on breathing techniques, relaxation and mindfulness practise.

What to Bring

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and bring a cushion/pillow/bolster to use as support during class and for relaxation.

You might also like to bring some water. Additionally, if you have morning sickness or reflux, feel free to bring snacks (like dry crackers).

Some yoga mats are provided but if possible, please bring your own.


$15 per class, pay-as-you-go, no bookings required
Payments can be made in cash at the beginning of each class (there is no eftpos).

pregnancy yoga class

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